Patent Processus Vaginalis Repair


April 2015


Professor Michael Corrin, Biomedical Communications,

Dr. Darius Bagli, Dr. Michael Chua, Dr. Linda Lee,

Dr. Dee Ballyk 


Pen and ink, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


The goal of this piece was to create a clear set of illustrations and figure descriptions depicting the repair of a patent processus vaginalis in a paediatric patient. The sequence is designed for a printed surgical atlas, which would be used by surgical trainees. It is a detail from a larger sequence depicting the complete procedure.

In order to create a complete description of the procedure, I supplemented what I learned from surgical observation with my own research, then validated my findings through consultation with the surgeon, fellows, course instructor, and an anatomist. 

To render clear illustrations in pen and ink, I employed techniques like varied line weight and broken lines to convey depth and soften line edges.

Process Work
1. Sketching and taking photos during surgical observation

Images of sketches coming soon

2. Reviewing steps of surgery and formulating questions for surgeons
3. Doing additional research and establishing script
4. Drawing numerous iterations of figures to improve clarity and accuracy
5. Establishing layout