Nature: Mock Cover


April 2016


Professor Nicholas Woolridge,

Biomedical Communications


Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop,

Adobe Illustrator


This piece is a mock cover of a popular scientific journal created for a BMC project. It depicts a bacterium whose genetic makeup shields it from antibiotics - a "superbug." After designing the cover on paper, I modelled the components in Cinema 4D and rendered at two shutter speeds: one fast for the clear antibiotics, and one slow for the motion blurs. I then composited the two renders and added text in Photoshop.


To design a compelling and understandable editorial cover appropriate for a scientific journal.


I used analogy and metaphor to communicate my main message. In the piece, antibiotic resistance is depicted as a physical protective bubble around the bacterium that is impervious to the cascade of pills around it. I aimed to make it compelling through the use of dynamic motion and complementary colours.​

Process Work
Layout Brainstorming