Evolution of the Horse Forelimb


November 2015


Professor Shelley Wall,

Biomedical Communications


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,

black pencil crayon on coquille board


This piece depicts how the features of the horse forelimb evolved over time to adapt to a changing environment. Initial detailed sketches were drawn from observation of skeletons of horse precursors at the Royal Ontario Museum. I then drew the bones on coquille board, coloured in Photoshop, and added text and labels in Illustrator.


To convey changes in anatomy over time while keeping the relationship between structures apparent.


I used a simple complementary colour coding system for clarity and visual appeal, kept the anatomical views consistent across the four specimens, and depicted the limbs in relative proportion to one another.

Process Work

ROM Sketches

Clean Drawings
Coquille Board Drawings
Research Sample
Layout Brainstorming