Ebola Virus Disease


February 2016


Professor Jodie Jenkinson,

Biomedical Communications


Adobe Illustrator


This piece is designed to provide a general audience with a brief overview of Ebola virus disease. It is intended to accompany a website with more expansive information, such as the World Health Organization. 


To re-design an existing online Ebola information document and visualize multiple types of data in a more engaging, cohesive, informative, and understandable manner.

The original document was very text heavy, lengthy, and had information directed at multiple audiences (from a general audience to doctors to people with Ebola Virus Disease) dispersed throughout.


I decided to narrow the target audience to the general public and chose to include information that would give a brief overview of Ebola Virus Disease. I aimed to make a cohesive narrative by presenting the information in an order that had a logical flow to it.

Process Work
Selecting Relevant Material
Visuals Brainstorming
Layout Brainstorming